Reshaping Primary Care for Seniors

And how it's delivered and valued.


Healthcare disparities are a major issue in America. Many older adults living in rural communities lack access to the care they need to maintain their health and wellbeing. It's time for a healthcare system that puts patients first, prioritizes prevention, and strives for equity in access and outcomes.

Sabio Health is a mission-driven Physician Enablement Platform that partners with independent PCP's, FQHCs, and health systems focused on serving vulnerable older adults. We help you transition from fee-for-service sick-care to fee-for-value preventive care, and help you deliver advanced primary care to seniors the way it is meant to be in a mobile integrated care delivery model.

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the Status Quo

Primary Care is the foundation of a strong healthcare system that is proven to lead to longer, healthier lives and better outcomes for patients. PCP’s are the key to America’s health, but investments in Primary Care continue to decline year after year. Annual reimbursement cuts are the norm. Physicians are burned out and overburdened with increased workloads due to administrative tasks, staff shortages, and the demands of the Fee-For-Service hamster wheel. This is no way to practice health care.


Sabio Health Ascent Physician Partnership Platform

Sabio Health is reshaping Advanced Primary Care for medically underserved seniors, and how it is delivered and valued with an age-friendly integrated care delivery platform that meets them where they are. We partner with PCP’s with Medicare patients to relieve the administrative burden by giving physicians increased autonomy, incentives that are aligned with better outcomes, and actionable intelligence to empower clinical decision making

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