Optimizing Patient


with incentivized physician alignment

Improving healthcare outcomes
for rural underserved seniors.

At Sabio Health, we support and train local primary care physicians committed to improving healthcare outcomes for rural, underserved seniors wherever they call home. Partnering with us allows health plans to connect with these skilled and dedicated providers who can bring high-quality care to your vulnerable members by:

  • Improving access
  • Reducing totals costs of care
  • An enhanced patient experience

through integrated value-based care

To successfully transition to value-based care, a comprehensive healthcare platform is crucial, encompassing clinical, social, financial and population health data. As your dedicated rural healthcare ally, we equip partners with holistic health data, aiding improved medical trends, aligned growth strategies, and promoting health equity through superior care quality.


Beyond Medicine:

Addressing the non-medical factors
for Better Patient Outcomes

At the heart of achieving health equity and superior healthcare, especially for those with complex needs, lies our focus on addressing Social Determinants of Health like housing, food, finance, transportation and social connectivity.
Our approach seeks to eradicate health disparities and fulfill our commitment to high-quality care.

Age-Friendly and Holistic Care

At Sabio Health, our age-friendly care model prioritizes empowering our provider partners with training, resources and technology to effectively utilize SDoH data. This holistic approach allows for early detection of medical and social risks, enhancing primary care delivery at home for vulnerable older adults in rural areas.
By targeting social health drivers, we lessen reliance on expensive treatments, chronic illness medications, and unnecessary ER visits, contributing to improved patient outcomes.

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Transporation
  • Social Connectivity

the Patient Experience through Home-Based Primary Care

Our Geriatrician-led Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) model is designed around the needs of seniors, offering them high-value, convenient healthcare services, especially crucial for those facing mobility issues or lacking transporation.
By focusing on the individual needs of older adults, it provides comprehensive, patient-centered care that delivers better outcomes and enhances overall wellbeing.


Boost your Star Ratings

HBPC has been proven to lead to improved health outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and decreased hospital readmissions, factors all directly contributing to higher Star Ratings reflecting improved performances and member health outcomes.
Turn your members’ homes into their healthcare hubs with Sabio Health and unlock the full potential of your Star Ratings today.

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